The management board of PoultryPlan

The core team consists of a motivated and unique mix of poultry and software professionals. The team has been working together for many years, often at other employers even before joining PoultryPlan. As a result, everyone is aware of their strengths and is able to work efficiently.

Mike Jansen,

Operational Director

…has many years of international experience in the IT industry and has worked as a product developer and team leader for companies such as Boeing and the Dutch legal system. Mike is an enthusiastic team leader and an innovative thinker.

Mike: ‘It is wonderful to work with a close-knit team of developers to produce unique and practical software and then share this with the world. The software that we develop enables companies to maintain an overview and manage their processes even more efficiently. I ensure that I am up to date with the latest developments in both the poultry industry and the world of Microsoft Cloud. The correct combination of these two spheres results in a future-proof programme in a dynamic poultry industry that is full of new challenges. I would love to tackle these challenges with you.’

Rob Giesen

Sr. Consultant

…enthusiastic IT professional who started as a developer and in his current role focuses on managing customer projects from A to Z. Rob has acquired a great deal of knowledge in the design, development and maintenance of various application platforms, mostly in the Microsoft environment. Through the years, he has gained a lot of experience with products such as SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Cloud and On Premisse.

Rob: ‘I have noticed that the management of projects and the frequent and intense contact with customers – ultimately producing a good end result – give me the most energy and enjoyment. I can fully achieve my personal ambitions. As PoultryPlan has a varied customer base and the poultry industry is a dynamic industry, each project necessitates its own approach. For example, we have customers that only purchase our farmer basic product, but we also have customers who complete the entire laying or broiler chick process and therefore purchase all connectable products. The mix of poultry and IT knowledge in our team, in combination with a customer-oriented organisation, ensures that my role remains challenging and interesting.’

Barrie Meek

Lead Developer

…has over 15 years of experience as a software developer. Barrie worked as a lead developer on large Cloud projects for the Dutch federal government. His experience in the development of Cloud projects for users who are switching from spreadsheets and traditional software to the latest Cloud environment has ensured that PoultryPlan is a modern and technically strong package, based on the functionalities of the original software.

Barrie: ‘My experience with large projects for the Dutch government has taught me how important it is to develop a technically sound and modern product, without losing sight of the preferences of the users. Using a Cloud-based environment ensures that the product can be accessed anywhere in the world and there is no need to rely on local IT professionals. This allows our customers to do what they do best: run their poultry farm with the utmost dedication.’

Wim Polman

Sr. Consultant

…has several decades of experience in the poultry sector. Wim worked as a hatching egg planner, transport planner, export manager and technical consultant for parent stock farms and raising supervisor in both the laying and broiler sector. Wim is the technical founder of the current software.

Wim: ‘The benefit of this experience is that I understand how people in the industry work and think, how the planning is organised, how the sales process works and above all: how unique software can really make the difference in optimisation of these processes. Spreadsheets that I developed in the past now form the basis of PoultryPlan. This guarantees the customer a close alignment with the practical situation. PoultryPlan was developed in practice, solely guided by and adapted according to the questions from the professional field.’ 

Kristel Gasseling

UX designer/Communication Manager

…after obtaining her degree in Graphic Design from ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, she acquired plenty of experience working for advertising and communications agencies. In recent years, Kristel has focused more on website management, communication and UX design. Kristel grew up amongst the chicks at Ter Heerdt and brings a pragmatic approach and feeling for the poultry industry.

Kristel: ‘The greatest challenge, as I see it, is to ensure that the software “communicates” with everyone, both soft and heavy users. And the lay-out should ensure maximum ease of use and overview.’

Chiel ter Heerdt

Owner/Managing Director

…after obtaining a Master’s degree in International Business Studies, he gained almost 20 years of experience as the commercial and general manager of the family farm Ter Heerdt. Chiel contributes sector-specific technical and management know-how and has a large national and international network in the poultry sector.

Chiel: ‘I really felt the latent need in the market for one clear software program, which combines production data and various business processes and which allows poultry farms and chain partners to continue growing. Our team’s mission is to continue developing the existing software and to assist the customer in achieving real progress. We will not rest until the customer is satisfied and can see their business results and their organisation improving thanks to our software.’

Niek ter Heerdt

Owner/Poultry Expert

is working as a hatchery manager at Ter Heerdt  for many years. Niek supports and advises the PoultryPlan team when requested, to ensure further improvement of the hatchery and planning products.

Niek: ‘I am really pleased that I can contribute my technical and logistics knowledge to this team, a wonderful mix of IT professionals and poultry professionals.’

Pieter Brons

Sales Manager

PoultryPlan is active on a global scale and people all over the world are interested in software. The international working environment adds flavor to Pieters role. 

Pieter: ‘The beauty of the system is that PoultryPlan is a solution for the entire egg and poultry meat value chain. Tracking, tracing, planning across the various links are all reflected in this ERP software. I am convinced that PoultryPlan can help integrations to simplify work and optimize processes. I am looking forward to dive into the challenges poultry integrations are facing.’

External parties/interns and students

PoultryPlan has a network of professionals who are regularly contracted when specific expertise is required, or when a lot of projects need to be completed simultaneously. In addition, PoultryPlan always has 1 student (usually Agricultural college or Wageningen University) performing a specific task or study.

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