Dec 16

Axel Månsson Øko Ægget ApS starts collaboration with PoultryPlan

Organic egg producer Axel Månsson – one of the biggest egg producers in Denmark – has opted for an intensive collaboration with poultry chain management supplier PoultryPlan.

Axel Månsson is the leading producer in organic eggs in Denmark, with 201.000 layers in April 2020.
The company also produces a wide range of organic vegetables, such as iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, onion, broccoli, cabbages, fennel and celery. The farm has grown its vegetable production from 43 ha in 1976 to 1550 ha in 2020. Approximately 70 % is produced organically.

Managing Director Mike Jansen of PoultryPlan: “We are pleased with the confidence Axel Månsson A/S has placed in us. Together with this collaboration partner we will further develop PoultryPlan for the growing organic market.”

Axel Månsson, owner of Axel Månsson Øko Ægget and other companies placed at Grarupvej in Brande DK states: “In our discussions we were impressed by the in depth poultry knowledge of the PoultryPlan people. Due to this practical experience in the poultry chain, we believe PoultryPlan is the best partner to help us in our ambition to grow and innovate our business by using in depth analyses, real-time monitoring and managing our poultry process.”

Janne Beck Klausen of Maanssons and Rob Giesen from PoultryPlan

Janne Beck Klausen of Maanssons and Rob Giesen from PoultryPlan