Feb 07

Blog: Big data for poultry integrations

Big data. A term that has generated quite a lot of attention around the globe over the years. The global interest is sparked by the increase in the amount of digital data collected and the rising awareness of the opportunities big data offer poultry integrations in terms of enhanced decision-making and efficiency.

Big data are valuable to provide poultry operations with predictive insights, in order to drive operational and management decisions, work more sustainably, more efficiently and be more profitable.

So what are big data exactly? Big data developments are in constant movement, so one infinite definition of big data is not easy to give. The term refers to the collection and use of large volumes of data. Big data is a relatively young concept and most poultry farmers have limited knowledge about how it can apply to their companies and processes. Here is some help.

Strictly speaking, the aim of most poultry integrations is seeking ways to improve profitability, by working more efficiently and by reducing costs. Meanwhile, the poultry sector is aware of the fact that to be able to feed the 9 billion people that are expected to populate the earth by 2050, one will have to work sustainably as well. Enter big data: data to help integrations take better management decisions based on on-farm generated knowledge. Obtaining data at all levels of the chain is helpful. But to come to its full potential data must be analysed and interpreted. Without interpretation the collected data have no real value.

In order to make big data work, a smart technological system is vital. This is exactly why PoultryPlan was developed: an innovative, cloud-based ERP software package that collects and interprets all relevant data within your poultry integration. The data management tool was developed by and for poultry people and helps you plan, analyse data, optimise processes and take all the right management decisions to improve performance, manage costs and be more sustainable and profitable.

Interested to hear how big data can help your poultry integrations? Feel free to contact us! info@poultryplan.com