Feb 26

Blog: Is practical experience key?

This chain management program, PoultryPlan was created by poultry experts. Not an IT company was at its cradle, but an actual poultry integration. PoultryPlan originates from a need to have insight in data. We noticed how easy it was for our employees to work compartmentalized. Each link in the chain worked with his or her own data and a general overview was absent. As a result we failed to work with the same information and we overlooked key figures.

Meanwhile, every poultry farmer, every parent stock farmer and every hatchery we talked to had a need for more data about the history of a flock or eggs before they arrive at his farm. We realized that not sharing data imposes severe limitations on our ability to improve our product, or even the poultry sector as a whole. This prompted a reflection on our mindset towards data sharing and the idea of a software suite that helps poultry integrations gain insight in all data was born. We just knew we needed software to support this.

We attracted the right specialists and started building, thoroughly integrating every step of the chain, from parent stock farmer, rearer and hatchery to logistics, finance and planning. The result is a system that covers the entire poultry meat and egg chain. PoultryPlan records all technical data directly from production companies, compares results in a benchmark and analyses performance. We created modules for planning, logistics and finance and an early warning system.

The beauty of PoultryPlan is that it was developed from the poultry industry’s perspective. Our specialists have worked at poultry production farms, in sales, planning and in management functions of poultry integrations. Our developers know how people in the industry work and think, how they plan, how the sales processes works and, above all, how software can truly support these roles and processes.

Due to our field experience PoultryPlan is software that actually supports poultry integrations at all levels and fits its processes instead of the other way around. So, in conclusion, is practical experience key in the development of an chain management program suite for poultry integrations? Our answer: absolutely. For our clients it guarantees practical integration across all poultry processes.

We would love to give you more information about PoultryPlan and we challenge you to make this journey together. A data-based journey with growth as the final destination.