5 tips for a smooth implementation

A good start is half the work. How do you successfully implement PoultryPlan in your organization? Our operational director Mike Jansen shares 5 tips to make the implementation of PoultryPlan a success.



  1. Prepare. Make sure you have the correct data to hand. Which users are there, what are they allowed to do and what are the steps in your organization? How big are the silos at my barns? If you have this information to hand, we can feed the system with the correct data. If you start with the right information at hand, you will benefit from this later. Garbage in is garbage out.
  2. Designate a number of ‘dedicated’ people who are responsible for the implementation of PoultryPlan. People who feel responsible and who work with us according to agreements. Together we make a timeline and an implementation plan. As the future user of the system you determine the timeline. Should the system be fully operational in six months? Or in a month? A dedicated project leader who takes his job seriously and ensures that internal efforts are also made to meet the timeline has proven to be very helpful.
  3. Take it step by step. Make it somewhat easy on yourself by starting with farms which have managers who enjoy pioneering. This way you can create a template that you can put across the entire organization. You come up with a best practice while the process is running.
  4. Invest in good training. Whether you opt for the ‘train the trainer principle’ or bring PoultryPlan in-house to train your entire team, it doesn’t matter. But investing in thorough training of your people has a lot of impact on the familiarity and trust people have in working with the system.
  5. Start small. “Start small, grow big” is a wonderful saying that we can relate to. Have a step-by-step implementation. Start with a few modules and build up gradually.

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