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PoultryPlan is a solution for semi integrations and integrations in the poultry broiler and layer chain. The software package is suitable for all levels of the company, from parent stock to layer or broiler, from production to planning and administration. Practical to use for a production company; smart applications for a total integration.

As the manager or person responsible, you want to stay in control. You want to be able to discuss matters with colleagues efficiently using the same data as the starting point. You want to be able to analyse and take your business decisions based on facts rather than feelings. The PoultryPlan ERP system helps integrations and semi integrations in the poultry broiler and layer industry to manage according to figures, take better and more substantiated decisions and retain an overview.

PoultryPlan is a good match for integrations and semi integrations that aim to work professionally; that aim to realise growth and work towards a profitable and efficient company that is ready for the future.

Parent stock farms

The input from breeding farms supply to the system forms the basis of the entire logistics process regarding hatching eggs. The breeder processes results in the system and compares performance with previous flocks and other parent stock farms.


The hatchery records the eggs laid at the hatchery, as well as the results that flow from this: Break-outs, hatchability figures and chick quality. PoultryPlan automatically makes the link with the parent stock farm and the rearer.


Rearing farms receive information in the system from the previous links in the chain and supply input on the hens being reared. The results are processed in the system and, using a clear benchmark, performance can be compared with previous flocks and other rearers.


The broiler farmer receives information in PoultryPlan from the breeder, processes performance in the system and gives feedback to the farm.

Layer farms

Layer farms supply input about the production of table eggs to the system and receive information from the rearing company. Laying hen farmers can easily retain laying results in PoultryPlan and use the clear benchmark to compare these with colleague farms.


PoultryPlan helps the planning department to make well-substantiated plans, from daily planning to long-term planning. The hatching egg production, broiler production and laying hen production are planned using data from the system. PoultryPlan makes clear what will be produced in the future.

Production costs

Better manage production costs using insight into feed consumption, use of medicines, etc. Conduct retrospective analyses, as well as having control during the production process. Objectives can be set based on analyses.


Vaccinations schedules are registered prior to and during the production process. Users can enter these data in a very simple way. Other issues regarding health status are also clear at a glance.


Orders are recorded in the order entry system. As well as an order book, this module offers the opportunity to record all required data. The result is an overview of all logistics and sales processes.


Transport overviews always offer a clear view of the transport of chicks, eggs and laying hens.


The financial module records sales and checks the sales and purchasing invoicing. As these data are connected to other links, this creates a watertight system.

Visit reports

An overview of visit reports, for example of vets or technical advisors. You’ll always have easy access to information that is discussed during a visit.


The analysis tool gives an exact indication of where the improvement opportunities lie regarding financial or technical production processes. This offers the opportunity to take fast action for the future.


Poultry plan fits seamlessly with the blockchain idea. We maintain data in a controlled manner online within a demarcated area of the poultry chain. This provides an excellent basis for further processing of and connection with the blockchain philosophy.

Early warning system

The warning system maintains control of the logistics processes in the entire chain. If a process isn’t going well, the early warning system gives a notification that action is required.

“PoultryPlan is very simple to use, even for someone who is not a computer freak. There are three of us working at our breeding farm and the system enables us to always work with the same data.”

Willie den Hartog
Owner Parent Stock Farm

A farm with 25.000 Layer Parent Stock


If you want to professionalise your company with a smart software system that supports your processes and helps your organisation progress, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to explain what PoultryPlan can do for you.

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