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PoultryPlan revolutionizes the poultry chain by looking at what needs to be delivered to supermarkets and catering businesses, and schedules back to the broiler farmer via the hatchery to the breeder. This approach ensures that the finished broilers are geared towards the end products, creating maximum value. The software is modular, making it flexible to be used for part or the entire poultry chain. Additionally, PoultryPlan provides insight into all relevant data within your poultry business or integration, analyses performance, detects problems at an early stage, and offers a smart management tool to plan more efficiently, optimize business processes and make informed decisions that will advance your company. Trust PoultryPlan to transform your poultry business.

Insight into all data

All relevant data within your poultry integration are interconnected thanks to PoultryPlan; from parent stock to laying hen or broilers, from production to logistics, from planning to financial.

No time loss and frustration caused by various programmes running simultaneously. In addition, you can rely on a customised dashboard in the form of a homepage. You will only see the info that is relevant to you!

Early Warning System

Are the parameters deviating too much? You will see this at a glance in your personalised dashboard or via an automatic pop-up.
This allows you to anticipate quickly and avoid unnecessary costs.

Made for and by poultry people

PoultryPlan is not a traditional IT company. PoultryPlan was founded by a renowned Dutch poultry company.

This means that you will benefit from a practical connection to your poultry processes and people who truly understand you. You will feel and notice this immediately.

Smart analyses

The intelligent analysis tool by PoultryPlan will unlock the secrets of your data.
Which aspects are running smoothly and where are the opportunities for improvement? How can you perform better than your fellow poultry farmer or competitor? PoultryPlan provides insight.


PoultryPlan has been designed for and developed with the user.

Ease of use and a clear overview are key features of the design and the system will integrate seamlessly in your organisation and processes.


PoultryPlan is Cloud-based. You will have access to your data on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Whenever you like and wherever you are.

Not keen on the hassle of having your own server? The Cloud-based environment of Microsoft Azure guarantees a 99.99% availability.

What are the benefits?

One complete summary and control over all processes, whatever position in the egg and/or meat value chain that you are involved in, providing in-depth analyses and the most important management information.


Lower error and failure costs and a more efficiently aligned organisation. In short, your returns will improve immediately after the implementation of PoultryPlan. You can easily manage growth and your customers and employees will enjoy maximum satisfaction.


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