Dec 16

Largest organic cooperative of PS in Western Europe chooses PoultryPlan

T.O.P Organic Cooperative – a partnership between the two biggest layer hatcheries of the Netherlands, and the largest layer hatchery of Germany, Gudendorf Ankum – has opted for an intensive collaboration with poultry chain management supplier PoultryPlan.

T.O.P is the leading producer in organic chicks in Europe, yearly producing 3.5 million chicks. The core business of T.O.P is producing hatching eggs and hatching organic chicks. Transparency and traceability are vital in the booming organic market. As costs of organic farming are high in comparison with regular farming, planning and focusing on results are even more important. Using the PoultryPlan software allows Organic Cooperative to manager and analyze the entire chain instead of managing every individual step in the process.

Mike Jansen, Managing director of PoultryPlan: “We are pleased with the confidence T.O.P has placed in us. It is nice to support customers like T.O.P in delivering superior quality organic chicks to poultry farms.”

T.O.P implemented the system in November 2019 and is confident about the benefits after working with PoultryPlan for several weeks. Tobias Ferling, Managing Director of Bio-Elterntier GmbH: “As T.O.P is a partnership between three organizations it is extremely important to be able to share real time data, even over different countries. Talking about the same figures enables us to easily benchmark, analyze and improve the overall process. The way PoultryPlan helps us with that is impressive.”