Meet our Kenyan partner: Isinya Feeds Limited

Isinya Feeds Limited was established in 1984. With a very humble beginning of a production capacity of 2000 day old chicks, it has grown to become one of Kenya’s largest fully integrated poultry company. Their main products include day old chicks( broilers and layers), table eggs, hatching eggs, poultry equipment and animal feed. Isinya Feeds has invested heavily in technology which has enabled the company to increase their productivity massively. They are producing 100,000 table eggs a day which are available in all supermarkets and hotels throughout Kenya. Additionally, they are currently producing 120 tonnes a day of animal feed.

The secret to their success has been their investment in technology. Due to the enormous growth, there was a need for new technology. At first they have invested in new housing equipment for Parent Stock and Broilers. Right after that they were looking for a partner that could help and provide them with software for collecting, analysing and benchmark their production and hatchery data. With these numbers of chicks, it was almost impossible to keep track of everything by hand and in Excel. They looked at different software and compared them to each other, but they finally chose the most advanced one and the one that could fit and help them in Isinya’s growing strategy. One that analyses and compares performance and detects problems early on for the broiler chain. This is where PoultryPlan came into view. Together with the PoultryPlan team, all modules of PoultryPlan were looked at for Isinya Feeds to handle the data faster and more efficiently, not only for now but also for the future growth. This has led to an intensive cooperation between PoultryPlan and Isinya Feeds since August 2020. “We have had intensive cooperation from the first day on, like an every week call, and we have succeeded in an successful implementation step by step,’’ according to Rob Giesen, Senior Consultant at PoultryPlan.

Since then, Isinya Feeds continued to grow and work more efficiently, fast and sustainable. Devan Jobanputra, CEO of Isinya Feeds, stated: ‘’We, as management of Isinya, are very satisfied with the implementation of PoultryPlan and the amount of care and service PoultryPlan offers since the cooperation. Their patience and effort to get all our staff members committed and effectively working with the software has been very helpful.  By using PoultryPlan the company has been able to grow in the number of houses. PoultryPlan has brought more peace of mind in the organisation, because of the clear overview pages and alerts. PoultryPlan has given the operational managers of Isinya Feeds the tools to have a good insight in the technical results and since the cooperation they are able to make adjustments in time when needed, not when it’s already too late. And most important, PoultryPlan turned our data into growth and more profit”

Due to COVID-19, conversations with Isinya Feeds took place exclusively online. Fortunately, we were able to meet Devan Jobanputra from Isinya Feeds at the recently held VIV Europe in Utrecht. Here we had a long talk about the future cooperation between PoultryPlan and Isinya Feeds and about the past two years, where Isinya has grown even bigger thanks to PoultryPlan.

Are you ready to partner with PoultryPlan and turn your data into more growth and profit, just like Isinya Feeds? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form, and together we will ensure an even brighter future for your company.


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