How the poultry industry can keep up with the growing demand

The global population has expanded rapidly, standing at 7.6 billion in 2018. According to forecasts of the United Nations by 2050 the global population will have grown by approximately 2.1 billion people towards 9,7 billion This is due to substantial improvements in life expectancy. The population growth goes hand-in-hand with several challenges, such as the need for more food and sustainability, as 30 percent more people will need food.


Another interesting trend is the skyrocketing rise of the middle classes. There is a correlation between income and meat consumption. Especially more poultry is consumed when incomes are growing. 
Around the globe, both broiler and egg production have increased. The United Nations expects the global demand for poultry will keep growing and eventually even outpace other proteins as eggs and poultry meat are high-quality protein products. 


How can the poultry industry keep up with the growing demand? How can you, as poultry integration? The requirements set for poultry farms and chain integrations are becoming more stringent. Production needs to be more professional, animal-friendly, safe and sustainable.

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