A more complete product portfolio of software solutions for the international poultry market, that’s why QF Soft and PoultryPlan are joining forces and continuing as one company. Under the name PoultryPlan, existing products will be improved and merged based on best practices and will enable continued investment in new and innovative solutions.


The aim of the collaboration is to offer an even more complete product to poultry companies and integrations. All activities in the entire chain, from grandparent animals to slaughterhouse and further meat processing on the one hand, to the collecting and processing of consumer eggs on the other, can be fully supported in the new cooperation. The new PoultryPlan aims to play a leading role in the international egg and meat chain. The personal approach, service and practical hands-on approach cherished by both companies will remain unchanged.


QF Soft was founded in 2019 but has been active for more than a decade with, among other things, their product PoultrySoft, which is mainly focused on the international poultry meat market.

PoultryPlan, a spin-off from Ter Heerdt hatchery (market leader in producing laying hens and pullets in the Netherlands) has been operating independently since 2018 and focuses on the entire egg and meat chain.


Chiel ter Heerdt, founder PoultryPlan: ”I am very happy with the merger PoultryPlan and QF Soft. This will make one full service company, allowing us to become more mature and grow to gain a leading position in the international poultry market. The two companies fit well together in terms of corporate culture with employees, who share the knowledge and passion of poultry, making them a full-fledged discussion partner for the chain partner in the poultry market.”


Dennis Lucas founder and co-owner QF Soft: ”I am very pleased that PoultryPlan is strengthen our company. The PoultrySoft and PoultryPlan products are very complementary. For example, PoultrySoft originated from slaughterhouse and hatchery planning, while PoultryPlan has a lot of knowledge and experience in propagation, rearing and hatchery. This brings our ambition to be a global leader in planning software one step closer”.


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