Poultry management software, made by poultry people

PoultryPlan is not a traditional IT company. The poultry management software of PoultryPlan was founded by renowned by Ter Heerdt hatchery, market leader in the Dutch layer-business and Lohmann distributor. This means that you will benefit from a practical connection to your poultry processes and people who truly understand you. You will feel and notice this immediately. PoultryPlan is made for and by poultry people.

Our poultry management software was created from a vision to make it as easy and convenient as possible for the poultry farmer to manage data, analyse performances, and detect problems at an early stage. We were able to do this, because of the poultry knowledge we have within our team. Our software is based on their expertise.


Also, our poultry management software is set up in a way that poultry farmers like the most. We made sure that our poultry management software is not as complex as others. Simplicity is the key. Our software might not be the one with the best and modern look, but it definitely works the best and most efficient.


When working together with PoultryPlan, you can really feel that you’re working with people who truly understand what you’re talking about. This way, you will benefit from the practical connection our team has with the poultry industry. Knowing what you mean when having issues or questions is the key to providing the best service we can.


PoultryPlan’s team consists of a motivated and unique mix of poultry and software professionals. This way, we ensure that decisions are always made from the industry’s point of view. The core team has been working together for many years, often at other employers even before joining PoultryPlan. As a result, everyone is aware of their strengths and is able to work efficiently. Besides we have a team of developers available from a software partner if needed.  

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