Jun 14

PoultryPlus opts to collaborate with PoultryPlan

Rearing organisation PoultryPlus – subsidiary of For Farmers N.V. – has opted for an intensive collaboration with ERP supplier PoultryPlan. The agreement in principle was signed on 12 July 2018.

PoultryPlus (poultryplus.eu) is the market leader rearing organisation for broiler parent stock in the Netherlands and is a full-subsidiary of For Farmers N.V. They have expressed their confidence in PoultryPlan due to their professionalism and specific knowledge of the poultry business.  The software will be used as data management and planning software for rearing broiler parent stock.

Managing Director Mike Jansen of PoultryPlan: “We are pleased with the confidence PoultryPlus has in our software and team. The company has been interested in our system for some time and now that we have professionalised our operations, we have entered into intensive discussions again. We are pleased with such a key-player in the broiler industry, this will help in the further development of PoultryPlan.”

Tom van Rooij, Managing Director of PoultryPlus stated: “Due to the practical experience of the Poultry chain, we believe PoultryPlan is the best partner to develop an applicable program for the business we are in.”