May 15

Press Release

PoultryPlan to launch the world’s smartest software package by and for poultry experts

Data system provides insight, cost savings, and efficiency

Zevenaar, The Netherlands, 15 May 2018 – The growing global population and the corresponding increase in the need for high-quality protein means that more and more is being asked of the poultry industry. Meat and egg production needs to be more professional, animal friendly, safe, and sustainable. To help find an answer to these challenges, PoultryPlan is launching a smart software package that helps poultry businesses get the most out of their data via data management.

Rapid developments in the poultry industry demand a structured approach. Innovative ERP software that helps poultry businesses understand and optimise their business processes offers a solution. PoultryPlan was developed for poultry businesses and supply chain companies that want to grow in a poultry industry subject to strict regulations and a changing market demand.

PoultryPlan brings data from every discipline together into a single, clear information and management system. The system records technical data from farms and hatcheries, analyses performance, compares results with similar production units, and keeps an eye on trends. The early warning system also detects problems when they arise. PoultryPlan is cloud based, which makes it accessible from your telephone, tablet, or desktop.

Software supports processes

The system was developed by the leading layer hatchery in the Netherlands. Creator Wim Polman: “The beauty of this system is that it was truly developed from the poultry industry perspective. Our developers know how people in the industry work and think, how they plan, how the sales process works and, above all, how software can truly support those processes.” Software developer Mike Jansen was brought in to lead the specialist team and helps to develop a technically powerful software package.

Functions across the entire company

PoultryPlan is a solution for companies in the poultry broiler and layer chain. The software package can be used at each link in the poultry chain, from parent stock to laying hens or broilers, from production units through to planning and administration.

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