Dashboard Farm Monitor

You will receive the Farm Monitor with all these products. This is a customised product that provides a good overview through use of a dashboard. Comprehensive results pages and summaries of the daily status are standard features of the Farm Monitor. This allows your production manager, the general management or selected ‘third parties’ to monitor, check and manage the various production processes. In addition, the Farm Monitor offers the option to send alerts to your smartphone or email in case of emergency.

Whether you are an integrated, semi- integrated or horizontally integrated poultry company, our software can help you improve your business results. With our comprehensive functionality and user-friendly interface, you can accurately plan your production, manage inventory, perform quality checks and more. PoultryPlan is for:

Vertical integrated

In the poultry production chain fully integration means that a single company controls all links in the production chain, from feed production to slaughter. This means that the company is responsible for breeding chicks, producing the feed, hatching the eggs in the hatchery, raising the chicks and slaughtering the full-grown birds in the slaughterhouse (or managing egg production).


An intermediate form is semi-integrated. It means that a company only owns parts of the production chain, for example only the hatchery and broiler farming, but not feed production or slaughter. By owning only parts of the chain, the company can specialise in specific areas of expertise while collaborating with other companies to complete the production chain.

Horizontal integrated

All companies in the production chain are independent entities working together through contracts and agreements. Each company focuses on its own area of expertise, such as feed production, hatchery, broiler production or slaughterhouse. Because the companies are independent, more competition and innovation can occur in the chain. Moreover, companies can adapt their business processes and methods to changing market conditions and customer needs.

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