Zenag Chicken joins forces with PoultryPlan

The Papua New Guinea based poultry company Zenag Chicken decides to implement PoultryPlan in all layers of their organisation. Mike Janssen: “The fact that Zenag Chicken manages the entire poultry chain makes it an ideal organisation to properly deploy and experience PoultryPlan in its full power.”
Zenag Chicken is a poultry company servicing the Papua New Guinea market with chicken eggs and meat. With a market share of approximately 50% Zenag services a market of 8 million people. Previously all data collection was manual and reporting excel and access driven. Zenag Chicken decided to look at systems to capture and automate this process and decided to contact PoultryPlan.
Full power
Zenag Chicken chose PoultryPlan because of its capacity to manage, analyse and trace the entire poultry chain. “As a result every chick or hen can be traced all the way back to parentstock level”, explains Operational Director Mike Jansen. “Zenag Chicken is a fascinating company, because they manage the entire broiler and laying chain, from grandparents to the final consumer. That’s quite unique. And it is an ideal situation to properly deploy and experience PoultryPlan in its full power. The fact that PoultryPlan is an all in one system will help Zenag Chicken immensely. Instead of connecting separate applications, the company will now work with a system that provides insight into every step of the entire chain.”
Zenag Chicken will use all PoultryPlan modules – Hatchery, Parentstock, Rearing for Layers and Broilers – including connecting modules such as transport, orders and messaging. PoultryPlan is an innovative software package that analyses performance, compares data and detects problems at an early stage via a personalised dashboard.
Efficient start-up
Mike Jansen: “We are always happy to advise our clients about the implementation order and take aspects into consideration such as ‘where is your focus, where is the need for control greatest, where do you lose the most money and where is the most data available’.” PoultryPlan always strives for a short and efficient start-up process. A representative of Zenag Chicken says: “There were only a few weeks between the moment of first contact and the kick-off. In the coming period Zenag Chicken will implement PoultryPlan step by step. We implement module by module. With PoultryPlan this is very well possible and the order in which modules are implemented can be set up exactly as Zenag Chicken wants it.”

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