We are PoultryPlan

‘Contributing to a more sustainable poultry industry, in which the health and wellbeing of humans and animals is key’

The global population is expanding and along with this growth comes an increased demand for high-quality protein in the form of eggs and poultry meat. The demands that we place on poultry farms and chain integrations increase accordingly. The production needs to become more professional, animal-friendly, safer and more sustainable.

Our poultry management software ensures a better overview, complete and preventive control and more profitable poultry farms. A profitable international poultry industry produces high-quality and affordable protein, available to people in all parts of the world. We also want to contribute to improved animal welfare, for example through improved barn management and built-in early warning options.

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PoultryPlan’s core competency is the swift translation of current and future information requirements by the egg and broiler market into practically applicable software tools.

We want to ensure that the added value of our product is immediately quantifiable by the customer. In addition, we help poultry businesses and integrations to gain full control over all aspects of their operation, thereby increasing job satisfaction. Innovations that contribute to improved animal welfare (for example in-ovo sexing, animal welfare housing systems ) are known and can be integrated. Our focus is always on the customer and a high level of service is incorporated into the DNA of each team member.
PoultryPlan is characterised by:

    Their knowledge and expertise in the poultry industry and software development in one company

    A practical and hands-on team

    Excellent service

    A short implementation process

    Our story

    QF Soft, founded by Dennis Lucas in 2008, is the company behind PoultryPlan. Originally, QF Soft began its operations in the hatchery of Lagerwey, where it developed a planning tool for the facility. Over time, this tool was expanded to include a processing plant in the Netherlands, resulting in a comprehensive planning solution for the entire poultry production chain. In 2019, QF Soft became an independent company, with ownership now shared by Dennis Lucas, Jaap Brokking, and Theo Hoen.

    In late 2022, QF Soft obtained ownership of PoultryPlan, a company established by Chiel ter Heerdt, the former managing director of Ter Heerdt, a family-owned business that distributes Lohmann chicks and hens in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. This acquisition not only added a new product to QF Soft's portfolio but also gave them access to PoultryPlan's strong presence in the layer market and its effective farm management solutions.

    Global Sales Network

    PoultryPlan is always looking for new distributors or agents all over the globe interested in selling and implementing our innovative software system PoultryPlan. Is your organization active in poultry business and do you have an affinity with software? Become our future partner. We offer a mutually beneficial partnership that includes competitive prices and consulting support. Join our exciting poultry-software business.

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