Overview video

Overview video

Poultry chain management system

Control your data – control your company

One innovative, cloud-based software package that clarifies all relevant data within your poultry integration. One system that analyses performance and detects problems early via an early warning system. One smart management tool that helps you plan, optimise business processes and take well-founded decisions that help your company progress. That is PoultryPlan.

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The advantages of PoultryPlan

Insight into all data

All relevant data within your poultry integration is connected in one overview; from parent stock to layer or broiler, from production to logistics, from planning to finances. You can view all this at a glance.

Early warning system

If the parameters vary too much, you will receive a notification. This enables you to anticipate quickly and avoid unnecessary costs.

Produced for and by poultry experts

PoultryPlan was developed by a genuine poultry organisation and not by an IT company. For you, this means practical integration across all your poultry processes.

Smart analyses

With the intelligent PoultryPlan analysis tool, your data no longer holds any secrets for you. What is going well and where are missed opportunities? PoultryPlan clarifies this.


PoultryPlan was designed for and developed with the user. User-friendliness and overview are key to the design and the system connects seamlessly to your processes.


PoultryPlan is cloud-based. You can access your data using your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Whenever you want and wherever you are.

“As a rearer, I can see very easily how my flocks score in comparison to colleague rearers. I can monitor my flocks from day 1. The feedback at the end of each rearing period gives me valuable information that I find really useful in subsequent periods.”

Ton van den Nieuwenhuizen
Rearing Farm Owner

A farm of one location with 140.000 and the other location with 220.000 capacity of pullet rearing

All data central

In PoultryPlan, your planner, logistics employee, production companies, animal carers, administration and management work with their own modules within the same software package.

What does it offer?

Insight into and control of all processes within the total Poultry layer and broiler chain and options for in-depth analyses and management information.

The team

Wim Polman and Mike Jansen are the driving forces behind the PoultryPlan team. They use their expertise to combine technical user-friendliness and content expertise.