OptiLayers: Optimize your Layer Farm Data Management

PoultryPlan is a powerful management tool that can help layer farms optimize their operations and maximize their productivity. By providing advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, accurate record-keeping, and reporting features, PoultryPlan can help layer farms make data-driven decisions, improve their efficiencies, and remain competitive in the market. With PoultryPlan, layer farms can enhance their flock management practices, improve their egg quality, and ultimately achieve greater success in their operations.

Egg quality control

PoultryPlan can help layer farms maintain high levels of egg quality and hygiene, reducing the risk of disease and improving overall productivity.

Waste reduction

PoultryPlan can help layer farms optimize their production processes, reduce waste, and cut costs, ultimately improving profitability.

Efficient planning and scheduling

PoultryPlan can help layer farms plan and schedule tasks such as feeding, egg collection, and manure management, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Improved productivity

PoultryPlan can streamline operations and improve efficiencies, helping layer farms maximize their production potential and increase productivity.

Advanced reporting capabilities

PoultryPlan can generate detailed reports on key performance indicators, helping layer farms make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Accurate record- keeping

PoultryPlan can track important metrics such as egg production, bird weight, feed intake, and mortality rates, providing layer farms with accurate data to monitor the health and productivity of their flocks.

Connectable module

Egg Packing Station

Even before the eggs arrive at the egg packing station, it is already clear which batch it involved and when it is arriving. The entire process from supply, inspection, storage and packing to transport (with accompanying documents) is supported by QR code scanning.

Results from inspection and egg sorting machines by Moba – among others – can be entered directly in PoultryPlan. All results can be benchmarked and traced per batch. Your eggs can be tracked continuously which ensures that you will always know in detail where the eggs are located and what the origin is.

  • Dashboard
  • Flock Set up
  • Registration - Technical Data
  • Flock Results
  • Flock Benchmark vs Self
  • Flock Benchmark vs Group
  • Flock Document Library
  • Top 25 & Average
  • App - Farmer
  • Calamity Warning System
  • Registration -  Vaccination, Actions & Tasks
  • Registration - Medicine & Pest
  • Registration -  Vaccination, Actions & Tasks
  • Financial
  • Farm Inventory
  • Egg Storage
  • Transport
  • Breed Results
  • Egg Packing Station
  • Forecast
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