OptiBroilers: Optimize your Broiler Farm Data Management

PoultryPlan can be a game-changer for broiler farm management. With its advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, accurate record-keeping, and reporting features, PoultryPlan can help broiler farms optimize their production processes, improve their efficiencies, and ultimately increase their profitability. By tracking important metrics such as bird weight, feed usage, and mortality rates, PoultryPlan can help broiler farms identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to achieve their production goals. With PoultryPlan, broiler farms can enhance their flock management practices, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Waste reduction

PoultryPlan can help broiler farms optimize their production processes, reduce waste, and cut costs, ultimately improving profitability.

Efficient planning and scheduling

PoultryPlan can help broiler farms plan and schedule tasks such as feed, water, and lighting management, ensuring that production processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Health management

PoultryPlan can assist in managing flock health by tracking and analyzing disease outbreaks, vaccination schedules, and medication usage.

Accurate record- keeping

PoultryPlan can track important metrics such as bird weight, feed intake, and mortality rates, providing broiler farms with accurate data to monitor the health and productivity of their flocks.

Advanced reporting capabilities

PoultryPlan can generate detailed reports on key performance indicators, helping broiler farms make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Improved productivity

PoultryPlan can streamline operations and improve efficiencies, helping broiler farms maximize their production potential and increase productivity.

  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Flock Set up
  • Registration - Technical Data
  • Flock Results
  • Flock Benchmark vs Self
  • Flock Benchmark vs Group
  • Flock Document Library
  • App - Farmer
  • App - Manager
  • Calamity Warning System
  • Registration - ¬†Vaccination, Actions & Tasks
  • Registration - Medicine & Pest
  • Registration - ¬†Vaccination, Actions & Tasks
  • Flock Relocation
  • Breed Results
  • Financial Stock, Prices
  • Transport
  • Processor
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