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Our story

PoultryPlan was the game changer in our family owned poultry business and has given us the opportunity to manage growth and succes in a organic and sustainable way,’ says Chiel ter Heerdt, former managing director of the Ter Heerdt company and founder of the PoultryPlan company in 2018. The software was developed during the last decade at the Ter Heerdt group, based in the Netherlands.
Over the past two decades, the Ter Heerdt hatchery business (founded in 1935) experienced such tremendous growth that the complexity of the organisation increased significantly. The need for better planning and a better overview increased along with this. ‘The solution for us was to invest in software, in the further automation and re-structuring of the organisation. This allowed us to remain ahead of the competition and keep customers satisfied,’ explains Chiel ter Heerdt. This formed the reason for Chiel to establish PoultryPlan as an independent company. From there, the team started working on the next level of developing software and was entering the international Poultry market.  

Our Vision

‘Contributing to a more sustainable poultry industry, in which the health and wellbeing of humans and animals is key’

The global population is expanding and along with this growth comes an increased demand for high-quality protein in the form of eggs and poultry meat. The demands that we place on poultry farms and chain integrations increase accordingly. The production needs to become more professional, animal-friendly, safer and more sustainable.

Our practice-based ERP system in the Cloud ensures a better overview, complete and preventive control and more profitable poultry farms. A profitable international poultry industry produces high-quality and affordable protein, available to people in all parts of the world. We also want to contribute to improved animal welfare, for example through improved barn management and built-in early warning options.


PoultryPlan’s core competency is the swift translation of current and future information requirements by the egg and broiler market into practically applicable software tools. We want to ensure that the added value of our product is immediately quantifiable by the customer. In addition, we help poultry businesses and integrations to gain full control over all aspects of their operation, thereby increasing job satisfaction. Innovations that contribute to improved animal welfare (for example in-ovo sexing, animal welfare housing systems ) are known and can be integrated. Our focus is always on the customer and a high level of service is incorporated into the DNA of each team member.

PoultryPlan is characterised by:

The core team

The core team consists of a motivated and unique mix of poultry and software professionals. The team has been working together for many years, often at other employers even before joining PoultryPlan. As a result, everyone is aware of their strengths and is able to work efficiently.

The management board of PoultryPlan:

Mike Jansen
Operational Director
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Rob Giesen
Sr. Consultant
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Pieter Brons
Sales Manager
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Barrie Meek
Lead Developer
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Wim Polman
Sr. Consultant
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Kristel Gasseling
UX designer / Communication Manager
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Chiel ter Heerdt
Owner/Managing Director
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Niek ter Heerdt
Owner / Poultry Expert
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