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About us

PoultryPlan comprises a team of committed professionals. IT specialists, software designers, UX designers, graphic designers and copywriters work enthusiastically on the development and ongoing improvements to the smart software system.

Key figures Poultry Plan

Wim Polman
Product Manager

…has several decades of experience within the poultry sector under this belt. He has worked as export manager, transport planner, maternal and rearing farm advisor in both the laying and poultry broiler industry.

Wim: “The great thing about this is that I know how people in the sector work and think, how planning is organised, how the sales process is organised and, above all: how software can really support these processes.”

Wim has great affinity with automation and IT and his smart spreadsheets form the basis of PoultryPlan. “For you as customer this guarantees a close connection with practice. PoultryPlan was developed in practice and is guided completely by questions from the professional field.” The appointment of Mike Jansen subsequently resulted in an incredibly technically strong software package.

Mike Jansen
Managing Director

…worked in various IT positions at large organisations and developed large software packages that excel in user-friendliness.

Mike: “The beauty of PoultryPlan is that it is a truly high-quality product that accommodates all processes in the poultry sector. We developed a user-friendly and content-strong system that is future-proof.”

Retain control across your company

Production needs to be more professional, animal-friendly, safe and sustainable. How do retain control across your company?

ERP System

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In short, ERP is software that supports all processes within a company.

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