Our approach

By supplying a practice-based ERP system in the Cloud, we ensure that complex data is presented simply and clearly in one system. Our aim is to contribute to improved returns and increased job satisfaction.

In doing so, we believe that we can contribute to a more sustainable poultry industry, in which the health and wellbeing of humans and animals is key.

PoultryPlan’s strength is the swift translation of current and future information requirements by the market into practically applicable software tools. The added value of our product should immediately be clear to a customer.

In addition, we help poultry businesses and integrations to gain complete control over all aspects of the operation. We will gladly work with you on your future plans and goals.

Dream big, start small

We believe that we can and should dream big during our initial conversations with you, but that it is best to start small.

This ensures a short implementation time, allows you and your employees to gradually develop a feeling for our system and then allows you to scale up quickly. A new software program can require quite an adjustment from your organisation or the way in which you work.

In the end software is a tool to improve and no changes or improvements come automatically. Of course we will assist you in this transition process. You will not face these changes alone.


We distinguish ourselves by our professional and down-to-earth approach.


We have a high degree of empathy for the problems that you face as a customer. In addition, our enthusiasm ensures that the implementation process will feel more like a festive occasion rather than a necessary chore!

PoultryPlan stands for:

  • A unique mix of knowledge and expertise in the poultry industry and software development in one company
  • A practical and hands-on team
  • A very service-oriented and customer-oriented approach
  • A short implementation process

What do we ask of you:

  • Management that fully supports the ‘project’ and motivates the project manager and the employees
  • A dedicated and motivated contact person / project manager.
    He/she should be the ambassador for PoultryPlan within your company
  • The awareness that software is only a means to an end, and that the implementation often has consequences for the organisational structure, the people and the policies

  • Dream big, start small. The results are often not visible immediately, software is an investment

The team

The team at PoultryPlan consists of permanent driving forces. Our employees combine a talent for programming with experience, sector-specific knowledge and entrepreneurship.

This is a unique combination, which results in tremendous passion and a drive to ensure that you are satisfied and your business continues to develop.

This customer-focused approach is not learned, it is part of our DNA.


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