OptiCheck: The must have tool for inspection rounds

Quality and efficiency are key factors for any business, but in the food industry, compliance with legal standards is critical. Food safety and hygiene regulations require companies to implement regular inspections and cleaning routines to ensure the safety of their products. Many companies, including those in the poultry industry, conduct inspections within their organization to maintain quality and meet legal standards. These inspections can include hygiene rounds, which involve checking and cleaning equipment and facilities to prevent contamination, and glass checks, which are designed to identify and remove any broken or damaged glass that could potentially contaminate food products. By implementing these routine inspections, companies can ensure that their products meet legal standards, prevent costly product recalls, and maintain their reputation for quality and safety in the marketplace.

Clear overview in the app

The results of the inspections are stored in a database. This gives you the opportunity to extensively study and analyze the inspection results. In addition, the system allows you to schedule inspection rounds. Per employee or per inspection round. OptiCheck ensures time savings and a good and clear quality registration, after which you can improve the process and quality even further.

Integration with Qlik ensures that you can view and combine all your data into fast and clear dashboards. OptiCheck provides the data and Qlik combines and presents data connections in a simple and attractive overview

Quality improvement

The OptiCheck App shows the results of the inspections in a clear overview. During an inspection round, you provide answers to questionnaires that you immediately enter in the app. You can also attach photos. The app is developed for Android tablets, Windows tablets and the iPad. So there is always a suitable device with which the inspection can be carried out.

Get rid of the paperwork

The results of this are often first recorded on paper. These paper results are stored in a folder or transferred to, for example, Excel. This takes a lot of time and is not always done consistently in the right way. With the OptiCheck inspection rounds system, these procedures are a thing of the past.

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