OptiProcess: Optimize your Processing Plant Data Management

PoultryPlan optimizes the value in the slaughterhouse by planning and managing the poultry chain. PoultryPlan aims to manage the business processes of the purchase and sale of broilers, as well as the long-term and daily schedules. The software also simplifies the process of creating trip schedules and it allows you to register all kinds of data about living and slaughtered flocks. The slaughter overviews, right up to the invoicing of deliveries, can be managed with PoultryPlan. Apart from offering a more efficient process, the software registers a lot of data that can be turned into reports and analyses.

Turning the poultry chain upside down with our slaughterhouse management software

The standard practice in the poultry industry is to plan production activities in advance. Breeder eggs are typically received at a hatchery, where they are incubated and hatched into day-old chicks after 21 days. These chicks are then sent to broiler farmers, who raise them until they are transported to a slaughterhouse for processing. The processed products are then supplied to supermarkets, catering businesses, and other outlets, and eventually reach the end consumer. OptiProcess is a game-changing solution that streamlines the poultry production chain.

Instead of focusing solely on the rearing process, OptiProcess takes into account the demand from supermarkets, catering businesses, and other outlets. Based on this demand, the software schedules the production process backwards, from the broiler farmer to the hatchery and ultimately the breeder. This approach ensures that the final product is tailored to meet market demand, resulting in maximum profitability. Of course, OptiProcess can also be used to plan the production chain using traditional methods. The software is modular and can be applied to specific parts of the poultry production process or the entire chain.

poultry chain upside down

Improve your poultry business with our processing farm management software

Supply chain management

PoultryPlan can help processing plants manage their supply chain from farm to market, optimizing the flow of raw materials and finished products.

Accurate record- keeping

PoultryPlan's advanced analytics capabilities can help processing plants make informed decisions based on real-time data, improving productivity and profitability.

Quality control

PoultryPlan provides real-time data on product quality, allowing processing plants to identify and address quality issues quickly.

Trip scheduling

PoultryPlan's advanced analytics capabilities can help processing plants make informed decisions based on real-time data, such as creating trip schedules for deliveries and improving productivity and profitability.

Production planning

PoultryPlan's production planning tools can help processing plants optimize their production schedules to meet demand and reduce costs.


PoultryPlan provides end-to-end traceability, allowing processing plants to track products from production to distribution and ensure compliance with regulations.


  • Customer relationship management
  • Visiting records and action management
  • Management agreements with broiler farmers
  • Document management with a digital Archive
  • Registration of flock information, including salmonella
  • Flock weight registration
  • Slaughter schedule (long-term and at a daily level)
  • Trip scheduling (drivers and trucks)
  • Trip scheduling with occupancy rate
  • Weighing slips
  • Slaughter and quality data registration for every slaughter
  • Generating slaughter reports
  • Document distribution via e-mail
  • Various reports

Why OptiProcess?

  • Reducing empty shackles with at least 2%
  • Reducing administrating cost with 30 %
  • Reducing paperflow to bare minimum (at least 50% reduction)
  • Reducing loss of weight due to waiting times with about 10 %
  • Having a clear overview of the entire planning activities

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