Meet our client: InterOvo Egg Group

InterovoEgg Group, an organisation specialized in egg and egg product production acrossEurope, relies on PoultryPlan's OptiLayers module to enhance their operations.Wim Janssen, Poultry Specialist at Interovo Egg Group, sheds light on their experience:"PoultryPlan has revolutionized the way we manage our poultry operations. Their OptiLayers module has become an integral part of our daily processes."

Janssenemphasizes the significant role PoultryPlan plays in streamlining their eggproduction processes: "OptiLayers has provided us with a comprehensivesolution to optimize egg production. From managing flock sizes to predicting layingpercentage, PoultryPlan has brought precision to our operations."

He furtherhighlights how PoultryPlan supports their commitment to quality: "WithPoultryPlan, we can closely monitor the health and well-being of our flocks.This level of insight ensures that the eggs we produce meet the higheststandards of quality and safety."

Innovationis a core value for Interovo Egg Group, and Janssen explains how PoultryPlanaligns with this ethos: "Innovation isn't limited to product development;it extends to operational excellence. PoultryPlan's advanced analytics andforecasting capabilities allow us to make informed decisions, drivingcontinuous improvement in our processes."

Janssenalso emphasizes the flexibility PoultryPlan offers: "Our industry demandsagility. PoultryPlan's OptiLayers module enables us to adapt to changing marketdemands swiftly. It's a game-changer in maintaining our reputation for shortdelivery times."

Inconclusion, Wim Janssen underscores the holistic impact of PoultryPlan onInterovo Egg Group: "PoultryPlan isn't just software; it's a strategicasset that empowers us to excel in every aspect of our egg production journey.Its OptiLayers module integrates seamlessly with our values of Quality,Innovation, and Flexibility."

Through WimJanssen's insights, it's evident that PoultryPlan's OptiLayers module plays avital role in enhancing the efficiency, quality, and adaptability of InterovoEgg Group's poultry operations, reinforcing their commitment to excellence.