What does the product look like for you?

Are you part of the production chain (rearing, parent stock, hatchery, broiler chicks or layers), or are you a chain partner?


Then you have a choice of 3 products: Farm Monitor, Farmer Pro and Farmer. If you have several links or if you are fully integrated, then the modules can be completely linked to each other (connected modules).

Dashboard Farm Monitor

You will receive the Farm Monitor with all these products. This is a customised product that provides a good overview through use of a dashboard. Comprehensive results pages and summaries of the daily status are standard features of the Farm Monitor. This allows your production manager, the general management or selected ‘third parties’ to monitor, check and manage the various production processes. In addition, the Farm Monitor offers the option to send alerts to your smartphone or email in case of emergency.


Connectable modules


Processing plant

Transport and quality control ‘at the gate’. The processing plant results can be benchmarked and traced per batch. The performance of the flocks/barns can be measured and viewed.

The integrated nature of PoultryPlan allows you to analyse the entire chain. Right through to retail. Would you like to know which feed the parent stock received? PoultryPlan will provide the answer. The results of processing equipment and software can also be reviewed for even more detailed analyses.


Egg packing station

Even before the eggs arrive at the egg packing station, it is already clear which batch it involved and when it is arriving. The entire process from supply, inspection, storage and packing to transport (with accompanying documents) is supported by QR code scanning.

Results from inspection and egg sorting machines by Moba – among others – can be entered directly in PoultryPlan. All results can be benchmarked and traced per batch. Your eggs can be tracked continuously which ensures that you will always know in detail where the eggs are located and what the origin is.

For all devices

PoultryPlan allows users to access the system using the mobile app, available for iOS and Android users, or through any web browser at any device.

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