Dec 16

Axel Månsson Øko Ægget ApS starts collaboration with PoultryPlan

Organic egg producer Axel Månsson – one of the biggest egg producers in Denmark – has opted for an intensive collaboration with poultry chain management supplier PoultryPlan. Axel Månsson is the leading producer in organic eggs in Denmark, with 201.000 layers in April 2020. The company also produces a wide... read more →
Dec 16

Largest organic cooperative of PS in Western Europe chooses PoultryPlan

T.O.P Organic Cooperative – a partnership between the two biggest layer hatcheries of the Netherlands, and the largest layer hatchery of Germany, Gudendorf Ankum - has opted for an intensive collaboration with poultry chain management supplier PoultryPlan. T.O.P is the leading producer in organic chicks in Europe, yearly producing 3.5 million chicks.... read more →
Oct 09

Successful visit PoultryPlan to Lohmann Danmark

Last week the PoultryPlan productmanagers Wim Polman and Rob Giesen attended the Lohmann afternoon in Danmark to talk about PoultryPlan and the smart use of data to increase flock performance. It was a very successful meeting with over 60 Lohmann customers listening to their presentation. Afterwards a nice diner and... read more →
Aug 28

A nice interview with Wim and Mike from PoultryPlan

In the (Dutch) magazine "De bedrijfsadviseur" there is a nice interview with Wim and Mike about the smart use of data. PoultryPlan considers gathering of data essential for growing your business. PoultryPlan helps with the collection of data using house systems, a mobile app or just a pc/tablet. Smart analyses... read more →
Mar 14

PoultryPlan on VIV Asia 2019

This week Wim and Chiel are at the VIV Asia in Bangkok. They are ready to receive you at our booth H103-TO04. The VIV Asia is the Nº 1 international trade show from feed to food for Asia. VIV Asia is organized every 2 years in Bangkok, located in heart of... read more →
Mar 04

Our new product consultant Rob Giesen

Recently Rob Giesen started at PoultryPlan as product consultant. Let’s get acquainted. Rob is 37 years old and born and brought up in Kilder and now living in Arnhem. Rob is married since 2012 and has 2 children, a boy of 4 and a girl of 6. Rob is an... read more →
Feb 26

Blog: Is practical experience key?

This chain management program, PoultryPlan was created by poultry experts. Not an IT company was at its cradle, but an actual poultry integration. PoultryPlan originates from a need to have insight in data. We noticed how easy it was for our employees to work compartmentalized. Each link in the chain... read more →
Feb 19

PoultryPlan on VIV Asia 2019

PoultryPlan will be present on VIV Asia 2019 in Bangkok from 13 - 15 March. Visit us at the Orange square TO04 More information or make an appointment?
Feb 07

Blog: Big data for poultry integrations

Big data. A term that has generated quite a lot of attention around the globe over the years. The global interest is sparked by the increase in the amount of digital data collected and the rising awareness of the opportunities big data offer poultry integrations in terms of enhanced decision-making... read more →
Jan 11

PoultryPlan is growing!

We are happy to announce that our team has been expanded with Barrie Meek. As a Microsoft (Cloud) specialist he has strengthened our team. As a result, we are even better prepared for the future and we can respond well to the rapid technical developments! PoultryPlan turns your data into... read more →